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The genus Agaricus

List of species currently available (click on the picture or text to access corresponding species)

Agaricus albosericeus

Agaricus alessii

Agaricus altipes

Agaricus annae

Agaricus arvensis var. macrolepis

Agaricus arvensis

Agaricus augustus var. albus

Agaricus augustus var. perrarus

Agaricus augustus

Agaricus benesii

Agaricus bernardii

Agaricus bisporus

Agaricus bitorquis var. validus

Agaricus bitorquis

Agaricus bohusii

Agaricus boisseletii

Agaricus bresadolanus

Agaricus campestris var. equestris

Agaricus campestris var. fuscopilosellus

Agaricus campestris var. squamulosus

Agaricus campestris

Agaricus comtulus

Agaricus cupreobrunneus

Agaricus cupressicola

Agaricus depauperatus

Agaricus devoniensis

Agaricus endoxanthus

Agaricus essettei

Agaricus excellens

Agaricus fissuratus

Agaricus freirei

Agaricus fuscofibrillosus

Agaricus geesterani

Agaricus gennadii

Agaricus haemorrhoidarius

Agaricus heimii

Agaricus hortensis

Agaricus impudicus

Agaricus iodosmus

Agaricus koelerionensis

Agaricus kuehnerianus

Agaricus langei

Agaricus lanipes

Agaricus leucotrichus

Agaricus luteomaculatus

Agaricus lutosus

Agaricus macrocarpus

Agaricus maleolens

Agaricus menieri

Agaricus moelleri var. terricolor

Agaricus moelleri

Agaricus moellerianus

Agaricus moelleroides

Agaricus niveolutescens

Agaricus osecanus

Agaricus pampeanus

Agaricus parvitigrinus

Agaricus pequinii

Agaricus phaeolepidotus

Agaricus pilatianus

Agaricus porphyrhizon var. cookei

Agaricus porphyrhizon

Agaricus porphyrocephalus

Agaricus pseudopratensis var. niveus

Agaricus pseudopratensis

Agaricus pseudovillaticus

Agaricus rubelloides

Agaricus rusiophyllus

Agaricus semotus

Agaricus silvaticus

Agaricus silvicola

Agaricus spissicaulis

Agaricus stramineus

Agaricus subfloccosus

Agaricus subperonatus

Agaricus substramineus

Agaricus urinascens

Agaricus velenovskyi

Agaricus xanthodermulus

Agaricus xanthodermus var. griseus

Agaricus xanthodermus var. lepiotoides

Agaricus xanthodermus var. meleagroides

Agaricus xanthodermus

Agaricus xantholepis


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