en The genus Agrocybe"
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The genus Agrocybe

List of species currently available (click on the picture or text to access corresponding species)

Agrocybe arvalis

Agrocybe brunneola

Agrocybe chaxingu

Agrocybe cylindrica

Agrocybe dura var. xanthophylla

Agrocybe dura

Agrocybe erebia

Agrocybe firma

Agrocybe paludosa

Agrocybe pediades

Agrocybe praecox var. cutifracta

Agrocybe praecox

Agrocybe pusiola

Agrocybe putaminum

Agrocybe rivulosa

Agrocybe setulosa

Agrocybe sphaleromorpha

Agrocybe vervacti

Agrocybe xanthocystis


page updated on 29/06/13