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The genus Galerina

List of species currently available (click on the picture or text to access corresponding species)

Galerina alpestris

Galerina ampullaceocystis

Galerina annulata

Galerina atkinsoniana

Galerina autumnalis var. angusticystis

Galerina autumnalis

Galerina badipes

Galerina calyptrata

Galerina camerina

Galerina cedretorum

Galerina cephalotricha

Galerina clavata

Galerina embolus

Galerina graminea

Galerina griseipes

Galerina heimansii

Galerina hypnorum

Galerina jaapii

Galerina marginata

Galerina mniophila

Galerina moelleri

Galerina nana

Galerina paludosa

Galerina perplexa

Galerina phillipsii

Galerina pruinatipes

Galerina pseudocamerina

Galerina pseudocerina

Galerina pseudomniophila

Galerina pseudomycenopsis

Galerina pumila

Galerina sahleri

Galerina salicicola

Galerina sideroides

Galerina sphagnicola

Galerina sphagnorum

Galerina steglichii

Galerina stylifera

Galerina subclavata

Galerina terrestris

Galerina tibiicystis

Galerina triscopa

Galerina uncialis

Galerina unicolor

Galerina viscidula

Galerina vittiformis

Galerina walleyniana


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