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The genus Gymnopus

List of species currently available (click on the picture or text to access corresponding species)

Gymnopus acervatus

Gymnopus alpinus

Gymnopus aquosus

Gymnopus benoistii

Gymnopus brassicolens

Gymnopus collinus

Gymnopus confluens

Gymnopus dryophilus

Gymnopus erythropus

Gymnopus fagiphilus

Gymnopus foetidus

Gymnopus fuscopurpureus

Gymnopus fusipes var. rugosa

Gymnopus fusipes

Gymnopus graveolens

Gymnopus hariolorum

Gymnopus hybridus

Gymnopus impudicus

Gymnopus inodorus

Gymnopus loiseleurietorum

Gymnopus ocior

Gymnopus oreadoides

Gymnopus peronatus

Gymnopus putillus

Gymnopus terginus

Gymnopus vernus


page updated on 29/06/13