Inocybe splendens    R. Heim 

New classification: Basidiomycota/Agaricomycotina/Agaricomycetes/Agaricomycetidae/Agaricales/Inocybaceae  
Former classification: Basidiomycota/Homobasidiomycetes/Agaricomycetideae/Cortinariales/Cortinariaceae/Inocybeae  

synonyms: Inocybe splendens-splendens, Inocybe terrifera, Inocybe alluvionis 
(unconfirmed synonyms: Inocybe castanea ss.auct.)  

edibility : unknown edibility

potential confusions with  Inocybe splendens toxicity of Inocybe splendens genus Inocybe  

Inocybe splendens is still unreported so far in the forest of Rambouillet .

page updated on 14/01/18