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Recording of species

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Hohenbuehelia abietina   Singer & Kuthan (5167)
Hohenbuehelia albonigra   →   Resupinatus alboniger (5176)
Hohenbuehelia algida   (Fr.:Fr.) Singer (2184)
Hohenbuehelia angustata   (Berk.) Singer (5169)
Hohenbuehelia atrocaerulea   (Fr.:Fr.) Singer (2185)
Hohenbuehelia atrocoerulea   →   Hohenbuehelia atrocaerulea (2185)
Hohenbuehelia auriscalpium   (Maire) Singer (5168)
Hohenbuehelia boullardii   Malaval, Bertéa & Constant (5166)
Hohenbuehelia culmicola   Bon (2186)
Hohenbuehelia cyphelliformis   (Berk.) O.K. Miller (2196)
Hohenbuehelia faerberioides   Padovan & Contu (5165)
Hohenbuehelia fluxilis var. grisea   (Peck) P. Roux (5173)
Hohenbuehelia fluxilis   (Fr.:Fr.) P.D. Orton (5172)
Hohenbuehelia geogenia   (DC.) Singer (2187)
Hohenbuehelia grisea   (Peck) Singer (2188)
Hohenbuehelia horakii   Courtec. (5174)
Hohenbuehelia ilerdensis   Courtec., Vila & Rocabruna (5164)
Hohenbuehelia longipes   (Boud.) Moser (2189)
Hohenbuehelia mastrucata   (Fr.:Fr.) Singer (2190)
Hohenbuehelia mustialaensis   (P. Karst.) Thorn (2191)
Hohenbuehelia mustialensis   →   Hohenbuehelia mustialaensis (2191)
Hohenbuehelia myxotricha   (Lév.) Singer (2192)
Hohenbuehelia nigra   (Schwein.) Singer (5175)
Hohenbuehelia petalodes   (Bull.:Fr.) Schulzer (2193)
Hohenbuehelia petaloides   →   Hohenbuehelia petalodes (2193)
Hohenbuehelia pinacearum   Thorn (5177)
Hohenbuehelia reniformis   (Mey.:Fr.) Singer (2194)
Hohenbuehelia repanda   Huijsman (2195)
Hohenbuehelia serotina   →   Sarcomyxa serotina (3291)
Hohenbuehelia silvanus   →   Hohenbuehelia cyphelliformis (2196)
Hohenbuehelia spatulina   Huijsman (2197)
Hohenbuehelia tremula   (Schaeff.:Fr.) Thorn & Barron (5170)
Hohenbuehelia valesiaca   (Sacc.) Singer (5171)

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