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Recording of species

Tick the boxes corresponding to the species which are to be recorded in your current inventory, then click on "save"

Tephrocybe ambusta   →   Lyophyllum ambustum (4016)
Tephrocybe anthracophila   →   Lyophyllum anthracophilum (4017)
Tephrocybe atrata   →   Lyophyllum atratum (4018)
Tephrocybe boudieri   (Kühner & Romagn.) Derbsch (4019)
Tephrocybe carbonaria   →   Lyophyllum anthracophilum (4017)
Tephrocybe confusa   (P.D. Orton) P.D. Orton (1456)
Tephrocybe erosa   (Fr.) Bon (5721)
Tephrocybe graminicola   →   Melanoleuca graminicola (2990)
Tephrocybe inolens   (Fr.) M.M. Moser (4020)
Tephrocybe mephitica   (Fr.) M.M. Moser (4021)
Tephrocybe misera   (Fr.) M.M. Moser (2927)
Tephrocybe murina   →   Tephrocybe misera (2927)
Tephrocybe oldae   →   Tephrocybe tylicolor (2931)
Tephrocybe palustris   →   Lyophyllum palustre (1473)
Tephrocybe platypus   (Kühner) M.M. Moser (5718)
Tephrocybe putida   (Sacc.) Moser (2928)
Tephrocybe putidella   →   Tephrocybe putida (2928)
Tephrocybe rancida   →   Lyophyllum rancidum (1477)
Tephrocybe scobis   →   Lyophyllum scobis (4704)
Tephrocybe tesquorum   (Fr.) M.M. Moser ex Contu & Vizzini (5717)
Tephrocybe tesquorum ss.auct   →   Tephrocybe tylicolor (2931)
Tephrocybe tylicolor   (Fr.) M.M. Moser (2931)

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