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Recording of species

Tick the boxes corresponding to the species which are to be recorded in your current inventory, then click on "save"

Tuber aestivum   Vittad. (4131)
Tuber album   →   Tuber magnatum (4137)
Tuber borchii-sphaerospermum   →   Tuber sphaerospermum (5242)
Tuber borchii   Vittad. (4132)
Tuber brumale   Vittad. (4133)
Tuber excavatum   Vittad. (4339)
Tuber foetidum   Vittad. (4134)
Tuber griseum   →   Tuber magnatum (4137)
Tuber himalayense   Zhang & Minter (5241)
Tuber indicum   Cooke & Massee (5240)
Tuber macrosporum   Vittad. (4135)
Tuber maculatum   Vittad. (4136)
Tuber magnatum   Picco (4137)
Tuber melanosporum   Vittad. (4138)
Tuber mesentericum   Vittad. (4139)
Tuber nigrum   →   Tuber melanosporum (4138)
Tuber nitidum   Vittad. (6440)
Tuber oligospermum   (Tul. & C. Tul.) Trappe (6441)
Tuber puberulum   Berk & Broome (5243)
Tuber rufum   Picco (4140)
Tuber sibarium   →   Tuber magnatum (4137)
Tuber sphaerospermum   (Malenšon) P. Roux et coll. (5242)
Tuber sphaerosporum   →   Tuber sphaerospermum (5242)
Tuber uncinatum   Chatin (4141)

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