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Recording of species

Tick the boxes corresponding to the species which are to be recorded in your current inventory, then click on "save"

Typhula abietina   (Fuckel) Corner (6350)
Typhula brunaudii   →   Clavulina gracilis (1372)
Typhula corallina   Quél. (6351)
Typhula culmigena   (Mont. & Fr.) Berthier (6352)
Typhula erythropus   (Pers.) Fr. (4148)
Typhula filiformis   →   Typhula juncea (1360)
Typhula fruticum   P. Karst. (6353)
Typhula juncea   (Alb. & Schwein.:Fr.) P. Karst. (1360)
Typhula micans   (Pers.) Berthier (6354)
Typhula oleae   →   Typhula juncea (1360)
Typhula phacorrhiza   (Reichard) Fr. (4149)
Typhula pusilla   (Pers.) J. Schröt. (5740)
Typhula quisquiliaris   (Fr.) Henn. (6089)
Typhula ramentacea   →   Typhula juncea (1360)
Typhula sclerotioides   (Pers.) Fr. (5739)
Typhula setipes   (Grev.) Berthier (5738)
Typhula subvariabilis   Berthier (6355)
Typhula uncialis   (Grev.) Berthier (5737)

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