question 8: Presence of a ring

The ring is often, as its name suggests, a kind of collar surrounding the stem or sometimes just a veil covering the tubes of young specimens. It can decay to a simple ring zone when getting old. A ring may be present mainly for members of the group of sticky/slimy boletes.
When in doubt, we can always select "I don't know" to prevent the system from using this criterion at all to compare candidate mushrooms. The presence of a ring being a very characteristic feature, we can also here impose this criterion as a mandatory feature in the results output by the identification search engine. For example, if the unknown mushroom has an obvious ring, by ticking both "yes, membranous or short-lived ring" and "force selected answer to criterion", we will exclude all mushrooms without a ring from the results produced by the search engine.

The ring is here totally absent, select then "no, no ring" in this case     The ring is here large and membranous, it still covers a significant part of the tubes. Select then "yes, membranous or short-lived ring" in this case    

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