question 16: colour change when exposed to air

In this section, we must indicate the speed of the colour change of the flesh after being exposed to air, by selecting it among the choices proposed.

  • if there is no colour change, select "no change"
  • if there is a colour change, we must essentially indicate if the colour change is fast (a few seconds) and intense, or if it is on the contrary slow (several minutes) and faint.

    The colour of the flesh is white and turns grey very slowly. After 7 minutes, the colour change has become darker and more evident, select then "yes: slow or faint" in this case.
    The flesh doesn't change colour... select then here "no change".     The flesh turned blue instantly and intensely, select then here "yes: quick and intense".     The flesh turned blue slowly and only faintly above the tubes, select then here "yes: slow or faint".    

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