question 21: Support or substratum

This section should indicate to the programme on what support or substratum the mushroom collected was growing. Two categories are possible: grows on wood or roots for lignicolous fungi or grows on the ground, or any other non-wood material for all other cases.

When in doubt choose "I don't know" to avoid taking into account this criterion.
The growth substratum being usually characteristic and quite easy to evidence, we can also here impose this criterion as a mandatory feature for all mushrooms displayed in the results output by the identification search engine. For example, if the unknown mushroom grows on a wood stump, by ticking both "grows on wood or roots" and "force selected answer to criterion", we will exclude all mushrooms which do not grow on wood material from the results output by the search engine.

This mushroom does not grow on wood - like most boletes. Select then here "grows on the ground, or any other non-wood material"     This mushroom grows on a tree branch - like most polypores. Select then here "grows on wood or roots"

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