Question 22: Growth in tufts of many specimens

In this section, we must determine if the mushroom to identify grows in tufts of many specimens. We consider here that the criterion is met if the tuft contains more than 5 individuals, stuck together by at least the base of their stem.
It may happen that a specimen (one cap and one stem) grows isolated, while being related to a neighbouring tuft. In this case, mark it as growing in tufts. Tufts most frequently appear on stumps or on wood.
The growth in vast tufts being quite characteristic and sure to evidence, we can also here impose this criterion as a mandatory feature for all mushrooms displayed in the results output by the identification search engine. For example, if the unknown mushroom grows in dense tufts, by ticking both "yes" and "force selected answer to criterion", we will exclude all mushrooms which do not grow in tufts from the results output by the search engine.

We can clearly see here the tuft of many mushrooms with converging stems at their base. Select then for this case "yes"     The same species appears here in separate obvious large tufts, although we can also see here a few isolated specimens (red circle), Select then for this case "yes"     We can see here a tuft of mature mushrooms with converging stems at their base. Select then for this case "yes"     In this example, several mushrooms are close to one another, but they do not have their stem converging for at least 5 specimens, select then for this case "no"

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