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Sarcodon acer   →   Hydnellum mirabile
Sarcodon amarescens   →   Sarcodon glaucopus
Sarcodon armeniacus   →   Sarcodon martioflavus
Sarcodon fennicus   (P. Karst.) P. Karst.
Sarcodon glaucopus   Maas Geest. & Nannf.
Sarcodon imbricatum   →   Sarcodon imbricatus
Sarcodon imbricatus   (L.:Fr.) P. Karst.
Sarcodon joeides   (Pass.) Bataille
Sarcodon laevigatum   →   Sarcodon leucopus
Sarcodon laevigatus   →   Sarcodon leucopus
Sarcodon lepidus   Maas Gest.
Sarcodon leucopus   (Pers.) Maas Geest. & Nannf.
Sarcodon lundellii   Maas Geest. & Nannf.
Sarcodon martioflavus   (Snell, K.A. Harrison & H.A.C. Jacks.) Maas Geest.
Sarcodon repandum   →   Hydnum repandum
Sarcodon rufescens   →   Hydnum rufescens
Sarcodon scabrosum   →   Sarcodon scabrosus
Sarcodon scabrosus-fennicus   →   Sarcodon fennicus
Sarcodon scabrosus   (Fr.) P. Karst.
Sarcodon squamosum   →   Sarcodon squamosus
Sarcodon squamosus   (Schaeff.) Quél.
Sarcodon versipellis   (Fr.) Quél.

to access information related to genus Sarcodon, click here

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