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Stropharia aeruginosa   (Curtis:Fr.) Quél.
Stropharia albocrenulata   →   Hemipholiota albocrenulata
Stropharia albocyanea   →   Stropharia pseudocyanea
Stropharia albonitens   (Fr.) P. Karst.
Stropharia alcis   Kytöv.
Stropharia alpina   (M. Lange) M. Lange
Stropharia aurantiaca   →   Hypholoma aurantiaca
Stropharia aurantiacum   →   Hypholoma aurantiaca
Stropharia caerulea   →   Stropharia cyanea
Stropharia coprophila   →   Psilocybe coprophila
Stropharia coronilla   (Bull.:Fr.) Quél.
Stropharia cyanea   (Bull.) Tuom.
Stropharia depilata   →   Stropharia hornemannii
Stropharia dorsipora   Esteve-Rav. & Barrasa
Stropharia eximia   Benedix
Stropharia eximia   →   Stropharia rugosoannulata
Stropharia ferrii   →   Stropharia rugosoannulata
Stropharia halophila fo. occidentalis   Courtec., Bon & Guinb.
Stropharia halophila   Pacioni
Stropharia hornemannii   (Fr.:Fr.) Lund. & Nannf.
Stropharia inuncta   (Fr.:Fr.) Quél.
Stropharia islandica   Kytöv.
Stropharia luteonitens   →   Psilocybe luteonitens
Stropharia magnivelare   (Peck) Ryman
Stropharia magnivelaris   →   Stropharia magnivelare
Stropharia melanosperma   (Bull.:Fr.) Gillet
Stropharia melasperma   →   Stropharia melanosperma
Stropharia merdaria   →   Psilocybe merdaria
Stropharia obturata   →   Stropharia coronilla
Stropharia ochrocyanea   Bon
Stropharia percevalii   →   Leratiomyces percevalii
Stropharia pseudocyanea-ochrocyanea   →   Stropharia ochrocyanea
Stropharia pseudocyanea var. procera   Kreisel
Stropharia pseudocyanea   (Desm.:Fr.) Morgan
Stropharia rugosoannulata fo. lutea   Hongo
Stropharia rugosoannulata   Murrill
Stropharia semiglobata var. stercoraria   (Schum.:Fr.) Lge.
Stropharia semiglobata-stercoraria   →   Stropharia semiglobata
Stropharia semiglobata   (Batsch:Fr.) Quél.
Stropharia squamosa-thrausta   →   Psilocybe thrausta
Stropharia squamosa   →   Leratiomyces squamosus
Stropharia stercoraria   →   Stropharia semiglobata
Stropharia umbonatescens   →   Psilocybe luteonitens

to access information related to genus Stropharia, click here

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